Huieson Stroke Training Machine


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Huieson Stroke Training Machine

Application and Function

1, To Help Practitioners Improve the Accuracy of Self-discipline, to Avoid Dry Sense of Unarmed Training Time, and It can Greatly Shortened the Training Process of Athlete Stereotypes  Hitting Actions , Especially Good for Forehand and Backhand Stroking Ball "Dynamic Stereotype" Training.

2, To Help Beginners Master the Rotation of Balls Resulted by Strokes on Different Parts and Directions.

3, To Help Make Comprehensive Training Plan of Attacking and Foot Steps Movement by Fix the Multiple Robots on the Different Points of the Table.

Brand Name: Huieson
Type: Table Tennis Trainer
Item: Fixed Position Table Tennis Trainer Rapid Rebound Ball Stroking Machin
Feature: Quick Rebound, Durable, Powerful
Fit for: Table Tennis Training of Stroking, Step Movement
Robot Type: Suction Type, Straight Type
Package Includes: Table Tennis Trainer 1 Set.


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