Xiom Zeta Asia


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Xiom Zeta Asia

Very special TENSOR BIOS rubber of Chinese spirit. Extra performance for close-to-table strategy

ZETA is a specialized rubber for close-to-table offensive play of Chinese style. ZETA has very unique "non-sticky" top layer with reduced vertical rebound and enhanced grip. This special top layer grants ZETA the stability and the spin capability for very aggressive close-to-table topspin. Due to the built-in tension effect by TENSOR BIOS technology, ZETA is much powerful than Chinese sticky rubbers. Two versions of ZETA are available - Asian and European. Asian version is full of Chinese spirit. It is equipped with hard sponge, and provides hard feel that is loved by many Chinese players. On the contrary, European version has softer, medium-hard sponge for safer game of all-round strategy.

  • SPEED: 13.3 
  • SPIN,: 10.7
  • CONTROL to: 7.6
  • Sponge: MAX 

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