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Table Tennis Rubber Boosting: Which Booster is Best?

Table Tennis Rubber Boosting: Which Booster is Best?

Table Tennis Rubber Boosting: Which Booster is Best?

What is Table Tennis Rubber Boosting?

Delve into the controversial realm of table tennis rubber boosting, a practice that has sparked debates among players and enthusiasts. From its historical roots in speed-gluing to the emergence of boosters, this article explores the dynamics, benefits, and ethical considerations associated with this intriguing technique. Whether you're a seasoned player or a curious beginner, understanding the nuances of boosting is essential.

The Evolution: Speed Gluing to Water-Based Glues:

Take a journey back to the late 1970s and early 1980s, when speed-gluing revolutionized the game. However, the ban on VOC-containing speed glues by the ITTF in 2008 marked a shift to water-based glues. The change prompted manufacturers to seek alternative ways to replicate the power and feeling of speed-glued rubbers, giving rise to boosters. For more information on the speed glue ban, check this article.

Boosters Unveiled: Types and Applications:

Explore the two main types of non-VOC boosters:

1. Paraffin/Mineral Oil-Based Boosters:

  • Examples: Haifu Seamoon and Falco Tempo Long Booster.

  • Application Process:

    • Clean the rubber surface with water or a mild cleaner to remove any dirt or dust.
    • Apply the booster evenly on the rubber sponge using a sponge brush or a similar applicator.
    • Allow the booster to be fully absorbed into the sponge, usually for 24 to 48 hours.
    • Repeat the process if a stronger effect is desired.
  • Effects:

    • Increased tension in the rubber, resulting in enhanced speed and spin.
    • Improved overall performance, especially suitable for Chinese rubbers.

2. Limonene-Based Boosters:

  • Application Process:

    • Clean the rubber surface thoroughly to ensure maximum absorption.
    • Apply the limonene-based booster evenly on the sponge, similar to the process for oil-based boosters.
    • Allow sufficient time for the booster to be absorbed, typically 24 to 48 hours.
    • Repeat the process based on personal preferences and desired effects.
  • Effects:

    • Enhanced tension and catapult effect, benefiting Euro-style rubbers.
    • Improved spin and speed, providing a unique playing experience.

Choosing the Right Rubber Booster:

Understand the significance of selecting the appropriate booster based on rubber type. Explore the recommended use of oil-based boosters for solid-sponge Chinese rubbers and limonene-based boosters for porous Euro-style rubbers.

Exploring Haifu's Top-Tier Table Tennis Boosters: A Guide to Their Versions

Haifu offers a range of table tennis boosters tailored for every type of player:

  • National Black Oil: Maximizes spin and speed for aggressive play.
  • National Yellow Oil: Ensures balanced performance with a focus on control.
  • National White Oil: Specializes in enhancing spin without sacrificing control.
  • Sea Moon Booster: A versatile choice, boosting overall performance.

Each booster is crafted to elevate different aspects of your game, ensuring there's a perfect Haifu match for your specific needs.

Haifu Table Tennis Booster Oil - National Version

Elevate your game with the Haifu Table Tennis Booster Oil, National Version. Designed for serious table tennis players, this premium booster solution enhances performance like no other. Its standout feature? A lasting effect of 6-8 weeks ensures your game remains at its peak, longer. Upgrade to the National Version for unmatched quality and sustained excellence in every match.

National Black Oil: Speed Focus

National Black Oil: Speed Focus

* National Black Oil: Speed Focus - Buy here

  • Description: Optimized for players seeking rapid ball release and velocity, National Black Oil enhances speed dramatically. Note the trade-off in control, making it ideal for power players and professionals.

National Yellow Oil: Control Enhancement

National Yellow Oil: Control Enhancement

* National Yellow Oil: Speed Focus - Buy here

  • Description: This variant focuses on softening the sponge for unparalleled control and reduced ball loss rate. It's the go-to for players prioritizing precision and finesse.

National White Oil: The Perfect Blend

Haifu Table Tennis Rubber Booster White Oil


* National White Oil: The Perfect Blend - Buy here

  • Description: Merging the benefits of both speed and control, National White Oil offers a balanced solution for players seeking comprehensive performance enhancements.

Haifu Sea Moon Table Tennis Booster - Commercial Version

Discover the Commercial Version of the Haifu Sea Moon Table Tennis Booster, designed for amateur and club players at a more affordable price. This version offers the same performance enhancements as the acclaimed National version, improving spin, speed, and control. Ideal for players looking to elevate their game, its effects last approximately 7-10 days, providing a significant yet accessible upgrade for your table tennis rubber.

Product Features:

1. Also used by Chinese National Team Players:
  • Endorsement by Professionals: Haifu Sea Moon is trusted and used by players from the Chinese National Team, demonstrating its effectiveness at the highest levels of the sport.
2. Non-Toxic and Tournament Regulation Compliant:
  • Safe Application: This booster is non-toxic, ensuring a safe application process without harmful substances. It complies with tournament regulations, making it suitable for competitive play without any concerns.
3. Enhances Elasticity of Rubber Sponge:
  • Performance Enhancement: The booster is designed to enhance the elasticity of the rubber sponge. This results in improved performance, providing players with enhanced spin, speed, and power.
4. Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds):
  • Tournament-Friendly: With a VOC rating of 0.5, the booster meets tournament regulations. This ensures that players can benefit from boosted performance without violating any competition rules.

Why Haifu Sea Moon is the Best Booster:

*Image Haifu Sea Moon Booster - Buy Here

Which Table Tennis Booster is Best for Me? 

Selecting the right Haifu booster depends on your playing style, preferences, and level. Here's a brief guide on four premium options:

  1. Haifu National Black Oil: For aggressive players seeking maximum spin and speed. Its long-lasting effect (6-8 weeks) is perfect for those who play frequently and at a high level.

  2. Haifu National Yellow Oil: Ideal for those looking for a balanced enhancement in performance with a focus on control and precision. Suitable for competitive players who value consistency along with power.

  3. Haifu National White Oil: Best for players who prioritize spin over speed. Its unique formulation offers exceptional spin capabilities while maintaining good control, suitable for strategic players.

  4. Haifu Sea Moon Booster: A versatile option that suits a wide range of players. It offers a significant performance boost in both spin and speed, making it ideal for competitive to advanced players looking for an all-around improvement.

Each of these Haifu boosters is designed to cater to specific aspects of the game, ensuring that you can find the perfect match for your table tennis needs.

How to Use Table Tennis Booster?

1. Apply to Rubber Sponge:

  • Application Process: Apply a thin layer of booster to the rubber sponge, Allow natural drying, which takes approximately 12-24 hours, depending on the temperature. Notice the rubber sponge swelling and rolling up, indicating the booster's impact. Some people like to apply more than one layer repeating the same process after 3-4 hours then letting it dry. 

2. Fix Rubber with Water Based Glue:

  • Dual Application: Paint the rubber an additional 2-3 times using water glue and apply once on the blade. This dual-application process ensures optimal bonding between the rubber and blade, maximizing the booster's effectiveness.

3. Assembly and Practice:

  • Final Steps: Assemble the rubber and blade when they are fully dried. Start practicing and experience the noticeable difference in spin, speed, and power. The booster's effects are expected to last between 6 to 8 weeks (National versions) providing an extended period of boosted performance.

Why Haifu Sea Moon is the Best Booster:

Important Notes:

  • Shipping Considerations: Due to its liquid form, shipping may be restricted to certain countries with strict liquid shipping policies. Potential buyers are encouraged to inquire if unsure about shipping eligibility.

Where to Buy Table Tennis Booster?

Haifu Sea Moon Professional Table Tennis Rubber Booster stands out as the preferred choice for players aiming to elevate their game. With its endorsement by top-level players, non-toxic formulation, and effective performance enhancement, it remains a reliable option for those seeking the best results from boosting their table tennis bat. Order now and experience the difference in your gameplay.

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Final Thoughts and Ethical Considerations:

Reflect on the ethical dimensions of boosting in the context of ITTF rules. Consider potential changes needed in the landscape of boosting in the table tennis world.


Whether you're seeking to enhance the performance of your rubbers or exploring the controversial realm of boosting, Table Tennis Hub has you covered. Elevate your game responsibly with our premium products. Explore now and stay tuned for the evolving landscape of boosting in the table tennis world.

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