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Stiga DNA Platinum Series vs DHS Hurricane 9 Rubber - Which Tops the Table?

Stiga DNA Platinum Series vs DHS Hurricane 9 Rubber - Which Tops the Table?

Stiga DNA Platinum Series vs DHS Hurricane 9 Rubber - Which Tops the Table?

Stiga DNA Platinum vs DHS Hurricane 9 Performance Review


As the game of table tennis continues to evolve, the need for cutting-edge equipment becomes more pronounced. In this comprehensive exploration, we delve into the world of modern table tennis rubbers, focusing on the DHS Hurricane 9 and Stiga DNA Platinum series. These rubbers epitomize the fusion of innovation and precision, perfectly designed to cater to the demands of the modern, attacking-minded player in the era of the 40mm plastic ball.

The Evolution of Table Tennis Rubbers in the Modern Game:

Modern table tennis has shifted towards an aggressive, attacking-minded style, where players seek every opportunity to unleash powerful shots and strategic spins. The advent of the 40mm plastic ball has brought about a transformation in playing dynamics, and as a response, table tennis rubbers have undergone significant technological advancements.

DHS Hurricane 9: Power and Precision Redefined

The DHS Hurricane 9 series stands out as a testament to the relentless pursuit of power and precision. The introduction of colored rubbers adds a vibrant touch to the range, but what truly sets these rubbers apart is their adaptability to the modern playing style.

Hurricane 9 BLUE:

  • Equipped with a 22-degree blue sponge, tailored for maximum "power."
  • A dynamic rubber that offers super power and speed, especially beneficial for players who prefer an aggressive style.
  • The exceptional control and loop drive performance are finely tuned to complement the attacking-minded game.

Hurricane 9 PINK:

  • Featuring a 20-degree orange sponge, the pink variant excels in "spin."
  • A rubber designed for players seeking a stable, high-speed arc with rich arc changes.
  • Ideal for those who relish powerful performances in fast attacks and loop drives near the table.


  • Type: Fast attack/loop
  • Hardness: 38/39
  • Thickness: 2.2mm

Stiga DNA Platinum:

Precision Redefined for the Modern Game

The Stiga DNA Platinum series embodies the marriage of German engineering and advanced technology, delivering precision that aligns seamlessly with the requirements of the modern table tennis player.

Stiga DNA Platinum M:

  • Developed with AI and insights from the Chinese National Team.
  • The thinner top rubber sheet with shorter pimples allows for a thicker sponge, contributing to the modern attacking game.
  • Medium (47.5°) hardness sponge strikes the perfect balance between speed and control, addressing the nuances of the modern playing style.

Stiga DNA Platinum H:

  • A harder (50°) sponge version, specifically designed for added speed and power.
  • Crafted in collaboration with the Chinese National Team, ensuring that the rubber meets the demands of the aggressive, modern player.


  • Speed: 9/9.25
  • Spin: 9
  • Control: 7/7.25

Technological Marvel: Stiga DNA Dragon Grip

Introducing the Stiga DNA Dragon Grip – a pinnacle of technological marvel in modern table tennis rubbers.

  • Top Features:

    • A sticky surface for high control and maximum rotation.
    • An excellent grip for powerful spins and long, high arcs.
    • Provides full control during intense play.
  • C-Touch Tensor Technology:

    • The rubber is manufactured in Germany with the revolutionary C-Touch Tensor technology.
    • Developed with the help of AI, this advanced sponge technology analyzes data digitally, identifying crucial properties for a rubber that meets the demands of modern players.
    • The unique 55-degree sponge hardness offers an extra hard feel, ensuring immediate feedback through its characteristic sound.
  • Newly Glued Feel:

    • Unlike other sticky rubbers, DNA Dragon Grip delivers a newly glued feel.
    • Ideal for players who seek control and spin, wanting to take charge of the game.


  • Control: 80
  • Spin: 146
  • Speed: 132

Technological Advances in Modern Table Tennis Rubbers:

Both the DHS Hurricane 9 and Stiga DNA Platinum series exemplify the integration of cutting-edge technology. The C-Touch Tensor technology in the DNA Dragon Grip ensures an unparalleled feel, while the Hurricane 9 employs a unique rubber synthesis process, creating tension between the rubber surface and the sponge for an incredible slingshot effect.

These technological marvels, developed in collaboration with AI and top players, showcase the commitment of these brands to providing players with the tools they need to thrive in the modern era of table tennis.


In conclusion, the DHS Hurricane 9 and Stiga DNA Platinum series herald a new chapter in the world of table tennis rubbers. As we navigate the intricacies of the modern game, these rubbers not only meet but exceed the expectations of players who demand precision, power, and adaptability.

Whether you find your stride in the power-packed strokes of the DHS Hurricane 9 or the refined precision of the Stiga DNA Platinum, one thing is certain – these rubbers are not just accessories; they are the conduits to elevating your game in the dynamic and exciting era of modern table tennis. Choose your weapon wisely, and let the battle of the rubbers unfold on the table.

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