iPong Master v300 Table Tennis Robot

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  • £224.99

iPong v300 Table Tennis Robot 

- Solo table tennis training ...Uncompromising. Unparalleled. Untangled

- Wireless Remote Control

- Continuing with a two-wheel design that offers a natural ball trajectory, the iPong V300 has all the great features of the iPong Pro - the ability to shoot balls from side-to-side on the table...and adding to it's hallmarks, a wireless remote to control all functions!

- The iPong V300 has three main sections that snap together in less than a minute. (A great benefit, also when travelling, as it considerably reduces the overall size.)

- Simplicity and flexibility: Power-up. Add balls. Set ball type. Press start and play. The iPong V300's small lightweight remote fits easily in the freehand, or pocket, while the player enjoys their practice.

- The digital display on the front of the iPong V300 respectively shows your FOUR settings: Ball Frequency, Side-to-Side Oscillation, Top Wheel Speed, and Bottom Wheel Speed.  The wireless remote has a pair of buttons ('+' and '-' ) corresponding to each control above. And a memory button is included to save your favourite settings.

Please note: The A/C adaptor is like below picture. If it does not fit for your country, please make sure you have a conversion plug (It's not included in this product) before purchase. Thank you!

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