DHS Hurricane 3


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Double Happiness Hurricane 3 Table Tennis Rubber

DHS Hurricane 3 Table Tennis Rubber DHS H3 / HURRICANE III Pips-in DHS Ping Pong Sponge

DHS Hurricane III was designed for the players who mainly adopt control methods or have relatively weak attack power when playing 40mm ball. The rubber can reduce a feeling of ponderousness when you strengthen the power and create a long arc, which benefits the ball control and exerts fast attack and loop drive at near table.

Available in red or black with sponge hardness 38,39,40 or 41 degrees and sponge thickness 2.15/2.20.

  • Thickness: 2.15/2.2
  • Hardness: 39/40
  • Control: 11
  • Spin: 11
  • Speed: Max
  • Type: Control/Loop

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