Yinhe 966 Blade & DHS PF4 + Yinhe Mercury 2 Rubbers


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Yinhe 966 Blade & DHS PF4 + Yinhe Mercury 2 Rubbers

Great Bat for Begninners with the perfect amount of Speed Control and plenty of Spin Ideal for people who are new to the game and want to develop their shots. 


Yinhe 966 ALL + FL Blade 

The 966 is a beginners' entry blade. Built with a focus for the blocking and placement shots.

Yinhe Mercury 2 Rubber Black Soft Sponge 2.0mm

This rubber is great for players learning the fundamentals of table tennis. For beginners or players used to using European/Japanese products, use the soft version. For players with stronger fundimentals or used to Chinese products, use the hard version.

DHS PF4 Red 2.0mm Sponge

Suitable for quick-attack with loop drive. It accompanied many players to win the world championship.


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