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RITC 729 Friendship 729-08

Ritc Freindship 729

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 RITC Friendship 729-08 

Given a set speed, what determines a table tennis racket rubber's performance. That's the capability of controlling ability. The one that can control the speed is the real winner. The high tension viscosity coating technique of the rubber enables the Super Speed 729-08 rubber with superb viscosity, which ensures an easy control on the changes of serves, and significantly reduces the misplays caused by over forced serves, which ensuring a super strong capacity of friction and amazing speeds of the serves.

  • Fitted play: Loop / Attacking
  • Speed: 11
  • Spin: 12
  • Forward: 12
  • Control: 11
  • Sponge thickness: 2.1mm
  • Rubber colour: Red or Black

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