Xiom Aria Lite Blade


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 Xiom Aria Lite Blade

As its name expresses, the Aria Lite from XIOM is a lighter version of the Aria. The thickness of blade is optimized to 5.8 mm for more stability and aggressive topspin strategy. Aria Lite maintains the ability for powerful close-to-table topspin, but its weight is reduced greatly and its control is significantly enhanced. Aria Lite lets players easily aim at the rising ball off the bounce, which gives more chance for taking the advantage in the game. Also, its topspin is very heavy and sharp. Aria Lite is recommended for the aggressive topspin players of modern Chinese style. Aria Lite is also suitable for the modern all-round strategy.

Ply: 5
Weight: (80g) ± 
Thickness: 5.8mm ±
Head dimension: 166.5 x 156.6mm


FL or ST Handle Shape 

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